Chloral Hydrate

Chloral HydrateRelentlessly searching for a natural sleep supplement with the power of a prescription sleep medication may help alleviate the occasional sleepless night, but it will not treat insomnia. Chloral hydrate is a prescription sedative used to treat insomnia and reverse poor sleeping habits. Chloral hydrate provides fast-acting relief and is even used as a preoperative sedative for patients going into surgery.

How does Chloral Hydrate work?

Chloral hydrate works by alleviating anxiety, reducing stress, and inducing sleep. This sedative is typically a short-term solution. Doctors prescribe this medication for 2-7 days consecutively. Taking chloral hydrate does run the risk of dependence. The short time prescription for chloral hydrate is used as a barrier to reduce the potential problem of addiction.

Is Chloral Hydrate effective?

The power of prescription medications for sleep is inarguable. Chloral hydrate can treat and potentially cure insomnia. Like all medications, chloral hydrate comes with potential side effects including an upset stomach, vomiting, trouble waking up, and diarrhea. Other side effects include difficulty breathing, dizziness, fainting, irregular heartbeats, and rashes. These are just a few side effects associated with chloral hydrate.

Final Conclusion

Getting the right amount of sleep can be detrimental to your health. Chloral hydrate is a solution to sleeplessness. The risks of taking chloral hydrate need to be carefully considered. It is important to remember that your doctor will determine if the medication will be a greater benefit to you than the potential side effects.