CompozSometimes at night the clock stands still as you toss around and your determination to fall asleep often goes unrewarded. Sleep aids are designed to help you fall asleep, and the best sleep supplements help you stay asleep. Diphenhydramine is a powerful ingredient used in prescription medications to treat a number of symptoms, including sleep deprivation. Prestige Brands developed a sleep aid that mimics this prescription called Compoz. Compoz is a quick dissolving tablet taken typically 30 minutes prior to bedtime that should help you fall asleep. It is inexpensive and easy to find but is it the best of the best?

How does Compoz Work?

Compoz is a generic version of diphenhydramine. This active ingredient effectively blocks histamine to reduce symptoms commonly associated with colds and allergies, as well as helping you fall asleep. The fast disintegrating tablet seep into your system to help you feel drowsy, allowing you to slip into a peaceful slumber quickly.

Is Compoz Effective?

Compoz was designed to follow in the footsteps of diphenhydramine. As such, Compoz has the power and ability to actually help people fall asleep. For some, the ability for a sleep aid to be effective is all they need to know. For others, the potential side effects and risks are just as important. It does have a small list of adverse effects. Customer report dizziness, headaches, dry mouth, or even difficulty urinating.

Final Conclusion

Compoz is inexpensive and can be purchased at retailers such as Kmart. This cheap sleep aid may help you fall asleep, but it has no ingredients included to ensure you remain sleeping. Compoz may be guaranteed to help you fall asleep, but the side effects are unwanted and can be avoided with alternatives. The sleep supplement market has plenty of all-natural effective products without risks.