DromiasDromias has a long list of benefits. Popping this sleeping pill could help you fall asleep, wake up restored, and avoid fatigue the following day. The price of Dromias starts at $49.95 for a 30 Day cycle. For such a steep price, you should expect results. However, Dromias provides little information about itself, making this sleep supplement a complete mystery. We dug up some information, and you’ll be interested to see what we found.

How does Dromias work?

The supplement facts of this product are inconsistent. The only solid evidence concerning Dromias is that the product has a proprietary blend. The actual blend of ingredients is unknown. Some research shows melatonin and 5-HTP while other sites suggest jujube and magnesium. Different doses of Dromias are also recommended. There is too much conflicting information about Dromias to suggest such a pill would work.

Is Dromias effective?

Don’t sweat about not knowing the exact ingredients. The proprietary blend alone means the product doesn’t have a daily serving of any ingredient established. Dromias has no customer reviews, and it lacks any reputation to be effective.

Final conclusion

There are numerous inconsistencies with Dromias. Some supplement facts say the sleep aid has magnesium, valerian, and jujube while other supplement facts say the sleep aid has valerian passionflower and lemon balm. Regardless of the actual ingredients, these discrepancies lead to an ill-advised purchase over the Internet for a product that very well could be a scam. Dromias has no reputation and anyone who tries to take Dromias should consider this a warning.