Flora SleepFlora-Sleep is one of the few sleep aids that you do not have to digest. Flora-Sleep is a liquid formula with a spray top used to mist the air to help calm your senses to prep you for your pillow. Rather than focus solely on scientific solutions for sleepless nights, Flora-Sleep tries to connect on a deeper level, trying to touch your soul so you can experience dreams. Flora-Sleep toes the line of aromatherapy, but is it potent enough to help you fall asleep?

How does Flora-Sleep work?

This product differentiates itself from the market as a multi-use sleep aid. Flora-Sleep can be applied topically to your skin, sprayed around the entire body or mixed in a warm bath.

Flora-Sleep takes the idea of all-natural to a new level. The ingredients are all flower extract and herbs. Valerian and chamomile are well-known sleep aid ingredients and are both used to relax your mind and body.

White and red chestnut focus on your mental health and anxiety while the addition of olive promotes immune health. Other herbs in this formula help you replenish and rehydrate while you sleep.

Is Flora-Sleep effective?

The only two ingredients in this formula that are directly related to sleep are valerian and chamomile. These two together both are relaxants and do not actually promote sleep.

As suggested, you have to spray the formula an hour before bed, once again before you completely retire, and it is recommended you keep Flora-Sleep close by during the night in case you wake up.

Effective sleep aids should help you fall asleep, and stay asleep. Flora-Sleep doesn’t even intend to help light sleepers. Flora-Sleep could be easily replaced with aromatherapy.

Final Conclusion

Flora-Sleep does not have the ingredients or strength to help you fall asleep fast. Flora-Sleep helps relax your mind and body but does nothing further to encourage you to actually enter a sleep cycle. Flora-Sleep is an herbal attempt to remedy sleeplessness and falls short in any definition of success.