Glo to Sleep

Glo to SleepSleep masks are by no means a new method for helping people fall asleep. However, Glo to Sleep takes the sleep mask a step further. By combining the age-old technique of sleep masks with a modern technology, Glo to Sleep should gently set your mind at ease. This comfortable mask is embedded with small strips of photoluminescent pigment. By wearing the mask, customers need only to look into the soft glow of the lights and fade into a peaceful rest. Does Glo to Sleep have the unconventional solution for sleepless nights?

How does Glo to Sleep work?

The anxiety, pressure, and stress of the next day can keep plenty of people up for hours. Glo to Sleep uses the soft glow of photoluminescent pigment in a mask to actually slow down brain activity. While you are lying in bed awake, your brain is generating beta waves. To slow down your overactive brain, you need to generate alpha waves. Glo to Sleep generates alpha waves by helping you focus upward on the pattern of the blue glow. This type of concentration has similar relaxing effects like meditation.

Is Glo to Sleep effective?

Sleep supplements are often a quick-fix for occasional sleepless nights. These same sleeping pills are simply sedatives, not solutions. Glo to Sleep is an innovative approach to help fight insomnia. Some doctors agree that the best way to fix poor sleeping habits is to change cognitive behaviors. Glo to Sleep changes cognitive behavior. This mask uses research to create focused relaxation that should ultimately help you fall asleep, and create better sleeping patterns.

Final Conclusion

Glo to Sleep has actually gotten a lot of attention in the media. What seems to be a silly solution may actually be the natural cure for insomnia. Rather than put a band-aid on the problem, Glo to Sleep attempts to alter behavioral patterns to fix the problem. However, Glo to Sleep may not be for everyone. Some people cannot find any comfort in wearing a mask to sleep. For those interested, the Glo to Sleep solution retails at $39.95 plus shipping and handling.