JatamansiJatamansi is an herb that has been dated back to biblical times that has been used for centuries to treat a number of ailments. However, just because an herb has a long history and reputation does not mean it works. Jatamansi is supposed to be an herbal remedy that helps clear your complexion, fix blood impurities, promotes healthy digestion, and even alleviates restlessness and sleeplessness. With such a long list of priorities, can Jatamansi help you get the sleep you need?

How does Jatamansi work?

The power of Jatamansi has been compared to valerian root because the plant contains a chemical called sesquiterpene, a mild sedative also found in valerian. The herb also contains a number of alkaloids to help treat other health issues. Currently, Jatamansi is side effect free.

Is Jatamansi effective?

There is little evidence to suggest Jatamansi is an effective sleep supplement. In fact, Jatamansi is not often used as a remedy for insomnia; probably because Jatamansi is not strong enough to treat or alleviate the symptoms of insomnia. Jatamansi have been used throughout history for some health benefits, but there are no studies that report the necessary and effective dosage for this herb to treat anything.

Final Conclusion

Not very many traditional remedies can compete with modern medicine. Jatamansi may have been used throughout history as a decent herbal remedy, but the plant is nothing compared to other available organic supplements. In order to treat insomnia, you need a sleep supplement with one priority–helping you fall asleep. A good sleep supplement will contain melatonin or valerian root to help induce sleep and readjust sleep patterns.