LuminiteTreating insomnia is not necessarily simple, but there are ingredients and products that are capable of tackling the problem. Luminite is a new sleep aid designed to give sleep support to those who can’t ever seem to fall asleep or stay asleep. The Luminite formula should overall help people fall asleep faster, get a longer night’s rest, and feel rested the next morning without the typical sedative hangover. Does this new product have what previous sleep supplements have missed?

How Does Luminite Work?

Luminite has eight core ingredients that combine to help give you sleep support. The ingredient GABA has anti-anxiety properties and helps produce key relaxing effects on the body. The addition of Melatonin is to help onset the sleep cycle and reverse poor sleeping habits as the L-tryptophan helps increase the production of Melatonin naturally. Other ingredients in Luminite include Passion flower, Hops, Skull cap, Chamomile, and L-glycine. These mild sedatives altogether reduce restlessness.

Is Luminite Effective?

There is not a sufficient amount of information to suggest Luminite will be effective for the majority of people who suffer from sleep deprivation. Because Luminite is a relatively new product, there are limited customer reviews. Separate studies for each individual ingredient suggest this formula as a whole could be beneficial for fighting fatigue.

Final Conclusion

As a new product, Luminite lacks any revolutionary approach toward sleeplessness or restlessness. The formula combines several common mild sedatives and amino acids. By using all-natural ingredients, Luminite is safe from unwanted side effects. A bottle of this sleep support contains 30 capsules and is $24.99. This product can be purchased online or at local GNC Stores.