Nature’s Way Valerian Nighttime

Nature’s Way Valerian NighttimeIt is impossible to be a morning person if you never fall asleep. Nature’s Way Valerian Nighttime is a sleep aid supplement used to promote restful sleeping. The simple three-ingredient formula soothes your stomach before bedtime and is odor free. Although some sleep aids leave you feeling like a train wreck in the morning, Nature’s Way Valerian Nighttime helps you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Are the three ingredients in this product the trifecta that will enhance sleep patterns?

How does Nature’s Way Valerian Nighttime work?

The simple blend of valerian and lemon balm is Nature’s Way Valerian Nightttime claim to fame. The 320 mg of valerian extract combined with 160 mg of lemon balm create a sedative that promotes sleep and relieves stress.

Is Nature’s Way Valerian Nighttime effective?

Nature’s Way is a renowned brand. However, this sleep supplement is more of a peacemaker than a sedative. Consumers have suggested taking this tablet to relax your body and mind and combining it with another sleep aid to actually provoke the sleep cycle.

Final Conclusion

Nature’s Way Valerian Nighttime requires you to take two tablets at least an hour before bedtime. People who want quick results are better off finding another product. Many consumers have said this product is good for those who do not need a daily remedy, but for those who need a one night fix for jet-lag. There are also expressed concerns that this sleep aid simply helps you relax and relieves stress, but does not create a deep quality sleep.