Nighty Night

Nighty NightPlenty of people have tried drinking a warm glass of milk before bed to no avail. Taking a tip from this traditional approach, Nighty Night is an organic tea designed to promote nighttime relaxation to help you fall asleep easier. For occasional sleeplessness, this herbal dietary supplement should help give you temporary relief so you can fall asleep faster.The Nighty Night tea combines a number of herbs and spices to help address restlessness to induce sleep. However, is tea the best delivery system for sleep-inducing ingredients in order to get a good night’s rest?

How does Nighty Night work?

By sipping Nighty Night, the warm tea seeps into your system with ingredients such as passionflower, hops, and chamomile. These ingredients are actually commonly seen in sleep supplements. Each ingredient helps address body tension and restlessness to help relax the entire body. Additionally, Nighty Night can help calm an irritated stomach.

Is Nighty Night effective

Nighty Night is not a traditional sleep aid. Even though the delivery system is original, Nighty Night will barely be beneficial for helping address sleeplessness. In fact, for the best results Nighty Night recommends you drink 2-3 cups late in the day and another cup 30 minutes before your intended bedtime.

Final Conclusion

Even if drinking four cups of Nighty Night was enough to address the symptoms of insomnia, there are far more convenient sleep supplements available. Nighty Night may have common ingredients that help soothe and calm the body, but the tea is not strong enough to address sleeplessness. Alternative sleep aids are more effective and less of a commitment.