Restalex PM

Restalex-PMLack of sleep is a gateway issue for other problems such as poor health and poor productivity. Restalex PM is the first sleep-inducing effervescent drink. Drinking this product helps you get the appropriate amount of sleep you need to feel well rested and ready to take on the day. This bedtime beverage is also a natural supplement that enables you to relax your mind and body, easing you into your much needed rest. Each wafer has a fast absorbing blend of ingredients, but is Restalex PM any quicker than the rest?

How does Restalex PM work?

Restalex PM builds its reputation off of the four ingredients we can all expect to see in sleep aids. Valerian root and lemon balm are the dynamic duos. While valerian root eases your nervous tension lemon balm relieves restlessness, both an attempt to help you fall asleep quicker.

Restalex PM also contains passion flower, a sedative known to reduce anxiety and help aid the cure for insomnia. The final touch on Restalex PM is melatonin. A hormone used to regulate your sleep patterns.

Is Restalex PM effective?

For some, swallowing a pill is more convenient. However, consuming these ingredients directly in liquid form permits a faster level of absorption into your system, allowing the product to have fast acting power.

The quantity of each ingredient is not readily available for Restalex PM, so we are not able to confirm the effective nature of the product. It seems the company website lacks confidence in the product label and does not disclose the dose of each ingredient.

Final Conclusion

Dissolving a Restalex PM wafer into a glass of water prior to bedtime should give your body quick relief from restlessness. Restalex PM is supposed to accelerate your sleep cycle with its solid blend of ingredients, but we don’t have evidence of clinically proven doses of each ingredient.