Revitalizing Sleep Formula

Revitalizing Sleep FormulaIt’s often said “pick your battles,” and fighting fatigue is an excellent cause. Being excessively tired during the day due to symptoms of insomnia does not have to be your everyday life. Revitalizing Sleep Formula was developed by Dr. Teitelbaum to help you fall asleep faster, rejuvenate, and wake up refreshed. Revitalizing Sleep Formula should be a sleep aid that eases you into a peaceful slumber for quality sleep that allows the natural restoration process to run its course throughout the night. Perhaps with Revitalizing Sleep Formula you can say goodnight and mean it.

How does Revitalizing Sleep Formula work?

The combination of ingredients in Revitalizing Sleep Formula includes valerian, passionflower, L-theanine, HOPS, wild lettuce, and Jamaica dogwood.

Each ingredient is added for its ability to relax the mind and body. Valerian and passion flower both produce key relaxation effects on the mind and body. Whereas HOPS works to reduce stress and tension. The amino acid L-theanine also has relaxing effects. Taking Revitalizing Sleep Formula should ultimately calm the body and prevent over-stimulation to help you fall asleep faster.

Is Revitalizing Sleep Formula effective?

Not every ingredient in Revitalizing Sleep Formula is beneficial. Wild lettuce, Jamaica dogwood are not popular ingredients in most sleep aids. Wild lettuce does have calming and relaxing effects on the body to reduce restlessness, but evidence supporting this statement is not concrete. Jamaica dogwood is an addition to relieve anxiety and nervous tension and this ingredient have few studies that support its strength.

This sleep supplement also suggests it might have ingredients that specifically rejuvenate the body, however, the product has no additions to revitalize the body.

Final Conclusion

Customer reviews express positively impressed results from Revitalizing Sleep Formula. Most people experience better sleep and seem to fall asleep faster. There are no ingredients in Revitalizing Sleep Formula that actually revitalize the body, but you may feel refreshed with a better night’s sleep.