SilenorSleep maintenance difficulties sometimes need the power of prescription medication because your health depends on it. Silenor is a relatively new prescription medication designed to treat and cure insomnia. Silenor is one of the few prescriptions medications for sleep that is not controlled, meaning patients do not run the risk of dependence, withdrawal symptoms, or rebound insomnia.Clinical trials for Silenor report that the sleeping pill has the ability to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, eliminate repeatedly waking up throughout the night, and stopping people from waking up too early.

How does Silenor work?

Silenor is the first non-controlled prescription sleep medication. The exact way Silenor works is unknown. However, it is believed that Silenor helps you fall asleep and stay asleep by blocking histamine, a chemical messenger in the brain.

Silenor is only available by prescription. As a prescription, Silenor no doubt has side effects. However, Silenor does not disclose every side effect. In order to get a whole list of potential side effects, you have to ask your healthcare provider. Silenor can interfere with current medications you may be taking, so it is important to disclose your health history prior to trying this sleeping pill.

Is Silenor effective?

Prescriptions sleep medications are inarguably effective. Silenor should be taken about 30 minutes before your intended bedtime to induce sleep. Silenor is a treatment for transient insomnia, sleep maintenance insomnia, and transient insomnia. The tablets are only available in 3 mg and 6 mg and contain doxepin.

Final Conclusion

A lot of people are hesitant to take prescription sleep medications because they have abuse potential or withdrawal symptoms. Silenor is one of the only medications used to treat a variety of sleep difficulties without risking a dependence on the drug. There are some side effects associated with Silenor, but you will have to discuss your personal circumstances with your doctor to determine if Silenor is the best alternative for you.