Sleep #173

Sleep 173There are numerous symptoms of sleeplessness and insomnia. If body tension is the main problem that keeps you awake at night, Sleep #173 may be your solution. Sleep #173 is a homeopathic remedy designed to calm your nerves to help you fall asleep faster and easier.

The remedy should fight fatigue by addressing anxious and tense nerves. The three ingredients in the Sleep #173 are a simple and safe way to help you fall asleep. Will the simplicity of Sleep #173 be strong enough to fight fatigue?

How does Sleep #173 work?

Sleep #173 is a simple remedy containing only three ingredients. The three ingredients include Avena sativa (oat extract), Kali Phos, and Passionflower. Oat extract should be capable of helping relax nerves alongside Kali photos which restores composure over the nerves. Passionflower is a common addition to sleep supplements. Passionflower should help relax the entire body to help induce sleep. The combination of these ingredients should ultimately relax the entire body.

Is Sleep #173 effective?

The power behind Sleep #173 practically relies on the use of Passionflower. Passionflower is the strongest ingredient in the blend and is commonly used to relax the body. There is little information that associates oat extract with alleviating tension, so it seems at least one of the three ingredients is ineffective. Overall, the remedy may be effective in relaxing the nerves but not in treating insomnia.

Final Conclusion

Sleep #173 is not a sedative. The homeopathic remedy was designed with one priority, to ease nerves. If body tension is the primary reason you cannot fall asleep at night, Sleep #173 may be what you need. Otherwise, falling asleep with Sleep #173 will not be the most effective choice in sleep supplements.