Sleep Blend

Sleep BlendThe first step to fight fatigue is not an energy drink but getting a good night’s sleep. Suffering from restlessness or sleep deprivation can be alleviated with the right sleep supplement. Sleep Blend is a sleep aid designed with a nutritional blend of all-natural ingredients to help people fall asleep easier.One capsule of Sleep Blend at night prior to your intended bed time should be enough to help encourage a solid night of sleep. Sleep Blend can be used for an occasional sleepless night or more frequently to ensure productivity the following day.

How does Sleep Blend work?

Sleep Blend is a capsule that combines Valerian, Hops, Skullcap, Passion flower, Dandelion, Chamomile, Marshmallow, and Hawthorn. These ingredients have mild sedative properties to help make falling asleep effortless. Valerian is a popular and well-known ingredient in most sleep aids and is commonly combined with other sleep-inducing ingredients to enhance its effect. Sleep Blend primarily calms the mind and body to soothe you to sleep.

Is Sleep Blend effective?

Sleep Blend could be guaranteed effective if the dose of each ingredient were available. Sleep Blend is a proprietary blend of ingredients, leaving the exact amount of ingredients in one capsule unknown. Having the right ingredients is as half as important as having the right dose of each ingredient. Even so, ingredients in Sleep Blend like Dandelion have little to no effect against the symptoms of insomnia or poor sleep patterns.

Final Conclusion

Sleep Blend has a decent list of all-natural ingredients for a homeopathic blend to promote healthy sleep patterns. However, this product has a proprietary formula which creates a small level of concern. Without knowing the dose of each ingredient, Sleep Blend can be ineffective. Sleep Blend also lacks a substantial amount of customer reviews. There are sleep supplement alternatives that have better reputations and quality ingredients to ensure rest.