SleepeesIn 2007, Canada recalled the herbal sleep remedy Sleepees. Apparently, this product had traces of the prescription sleep medication Estazolam in its formula. Estazolam puts people at risk of dependence and other negative side effects. The product has since been adjusted and re-released to the public with a new promise and reassurance of safety. Now, Sleepees should help you fall asleep naturally by producing calm effects on the body. Does Sleepess deserve renewed faith and trust?

How does Sleepees work?

The herbal combination in the Sleepees formula includes Siberian Ginseng, JuJue Date, Schisandra, Reishi Mushroom, Red Sage, Helcidum, and Mother of Pearl. At a glance, Red Sage and JuJue Date both combat sleeplessness by treating anxiety and calming nerves. Alongside these efforts, Siberian Ginseng has been associated with helping regulate sleep patterns while Schisandra treats nervousness and insomnia.

Is Sleepees effective?

This herbal combination is certainly original, but that does not make it innovative or effective. Although these ingredients have been associated with inducing sleep or relaxing the body, there is no concrete research that directly establishes these ingredients as effective sedatives.

Final Conclusion

At the very least, Sleepees attempted to redeem itself from a PR nightmare. The actual formula for this supplement is not as strong as alternative sleep supplements available. Light sleepers might find this product beneficial. For those who need a sleep aid with the true strength to treat insomnia, other sleep supplements containing Melatonin, Valerian, and Hops would be more effective.