Sleeping Beauty Tablets

Sleeping Beauty TabletsThe failure to fall asleep is far from a fairytale ending to your day. Sleeping Beauty Tablets want to rewrite your story of insomnia and give you a happy ending. These all-natural and fast absorption tablets are a sleep aid with an additional bonus. More than just a sedative, these tablets help you increase your health. The essence of the formula relaxes your body and mind and is enriched with antioxidants and vitamins. This two-for-one tablet may or may not be your prince charming.

How do Sleeping Beauty Tablets work?

The ingredients that work toward a good night’s sleep include melatonin, valerian root, and passion flower extract. Melatonin is a popular ingredient in sleep aid supplements. Melatonin helps adjust the chemical balances in your penial gland located in your brain.

Additional ingredients used to enhance your health include a number of antioxidants such as biotin, vitamin B2 and grape seed extract.

Are Sleeping Beauty Tablets effective?

The three main ingredients in this sleep supplement that actually promote sleep are common additions to sleep aids. Sleeping Beauty Tablets are fast absorption tablets that make you drowsy, but they are not strong enough for those who suffer from sleep disorders.

Final Conclusion

Sleeping Beauty Tablets relieve restlessness and anxiety to help you calm down in order to fall asleep. Adding additional ingredients is a nice gesture to entice consumers, but you should be more concerned about the power of the sedative. There are no negative side effects associated with Sleeping Beauty Tablets, but there also is no evidence that this sleeping aid is strong enough to give you a solid night’s rest.