SleepPhonesTons of people fall asleep with the TV on or need some sort of noise to be able to fall asleep. SleepPhones offer a comfortable solution that will also help you fall asleep faster without disturbing a significant other. SleepPhones are lightweight headphones that are imbedded in a comfortable head wrap, keeping the headphones in all night. You can choose the music you would like, or purchase carefully crafted tracks that soothe you to sleep. Are SleepPhones the drug-free solution to slumber?

How do SleepPhones work?

Carefully crafted tracks of music played through the headphones to lull you into a deep sleep. The binaural beats technology gently soothes your brainwave patterns from beta (awake) to Delta (deep sleep). The pattern of beats coaxes the brain into a sleep cycle.

Are SleepPhones effective?

SleepPhones do not cure insomnia or block out all other noises, but they can help people sleep better. This product is primarily designed to help light sleepers sleep tight.

Final Conclusion

SleepPhones relieve stress by playing peaceful music. However, this unconventional attempt to help you sleep does nothing to help sleep disorders. SleepPhones are simply a comfortable alternative to using your own headphones and have no clinically proven studies to show if they are indeed effective.