Snooz-nFalling asleep shouldn’t take effort. If your mind races a mile a minute and you kick your sheets in frustration, you should consider Snooz’n. Snooz’n is an all-natural sleep aid used to assist you in relaxing your body and mind. Poor sleep patterns can affect your health, and Snooz’n offers a helping hand in accelerating the onset of the sleep cycle to protect your health. Snooz’n has no calories, sugar, or preservatives, so you are looking for a supplement that is safe. The name Snooz’n should say it all, but we should take a peek to see if it has the power to produce results.

How does Snooz’n Work?

The logistics of how Snooz’n works can get technical. Melatonin levels in the brain are responsible for regulating your sleep cycles. Melatonin supplements are supposed to help treat sleep disorders to improve and regulate melatonin levels. Snooz’n is packed with 5-HTP to improve this chemical balance to improve sleep duration. L-tryptophan is an amino acid used to treat sleep disorders.

There are also a number of natural plants added to the blend to help reduce anxiety such as L-theanine and chamomile extract. GABA plays a role in stress reduction and blocks over stimulation, drugs that increase the effectiveness of GABA in Snooz’n include valerian root, passion flower, and lemon balm.

Is Snooz’n Effective?

Snooz’n has ingredients that are impressive and potentially effective. The blend attempts to reduce stress, relax your muscles, and ease anxiety. I don’t believe the product is strong enough to treat a sleep disorder, but it can help induce sleep for traveling.

Final Conclusion

Snooz’n offers a free sample of the product before you commit, but you have to pay shipping, which really blurs the line of “free.” There are a number of sizes you can buy, like a 6-pack or even a 24-pack, which is convenient. The chatter behind the ingredients is impressive but you have to take the product at least 30 minutes before you hit the hay. There is no money back policy or guarantee, which may leave you with five or six bottles of ineffective juice.