SomatomaxSomatomax is a dietary supplement with multiple purposes. Somatomax helps the body release HGH naturally to help build muscle mass, however, the product is also used as a sleep supplement. The ingredients in Somatomax do not induce sleep, rather they produce key relaxation effects on the body. There is little hype behind Somatomax as a sleep supplement, but does it deserve your attention?

How Does Somatomax Work?

Somatomax is a HGH releaser that also helps induce sleep. As an HGH releaser, this product helps you with overall health while you sleep by strengthening your immune system and increasing protein synthesis. Somatomax has common ingredients that are seen in sleep aids such as GABA, L-arginine, L-tyrosine, vitamin B-6. Other ingredients include L-phenylalanine and mucuna pruriens extract.

Is Somatomax Effective?

A solid sleep supplement has the right ingredients in the right concentrations. Somatomax has a proprietary blend of ingredients. With all proprietary blends, there is no evidence suggesting the product has the right amount of any ingredient. Having too little or too much of an ingredient can render the product useless. There is no way of knowing the exact dose of each ingredient, leaving room for suspicion.

Final Conclusion

Somatomax is being used as a dual-action product. Some people are using the formula as a HGH releaser to gain muscle mass and bulk up, while others use the supplement at night to help them fall asleep. Customer reviews are sporadic and suggest that small doses are more effective. Somatomax also tends to come with nausea and the hangover effect the next morning.