Top Secret Nutrition Sleep

Top Secret Nutrition Sleep“Start your day feeling fabulous!” promises Top Secret Nutrition, the makers of Sleep.

As someone who occasionally deals with insomnia, I appreciate a good night’s sleep when I get one. But is Sleep the best natural sleep aid to use?

Top Secret Nutrition seems to think so, but I wanted to decide for myself. I hope my research helps you make an informed decision, too.

Who Makes Sleep?

In addition to Sleep, Top Secret Nutrition makes weight loss and health products, active wear, and exercise videos. The company has only been in business since 2010.

There isn’t any company background information on I couldn’t find much information on other sites either. Top Secret Nutrition is not listed on

Knowing a company’s reputation is important because it reflects on their products. Good companies tend to make good products. I don’t know what Top Secret Nutrition’s reputation is.

The Ingredients

PharmaGABA™ – contains natural GABA. This neurotransmitter calms brain activity, improves sleep quality, and helps you stay asleep all night.

Inositol – supposedly relieves anxiety and helps people sleep. There isn’t enough research to support this benefit.

5-HTP – a tryptophan byproduct that increases serotonin and melatonin. An unpublished study shows it improves sleep. Since other ingredients were used in the study, it’s difficult to identify 5-HTP’s role.[1]

Goji Berry Extract – reduces stress and relaxes the mind. In one study, people taking goji berry reported more restful sleep.[2]

Melatonin – regulates sleep cycles and induces sleepiness. Studies show melatonin helps people fall asleep and stay asleep.[3]

Does Sleep Contain Proven Dosages?

PharmaGABA™ and inositol don’t have studies, so I don’t know what their proven dosages are. The recommended PharmaGABA™ dosage is 100 mg.

The 5-HTP study doesn’t disclose what dosage was used. But I can see it was less than 300 mg.

The proven goji berry dosage is 120 mL. This volume measurement doesn’t convert into a weight measurement (e.g. milligrams). So I’m not sure how many milligrams Sleep needs.

Melatonin is proven effective in dosages between .3 and 5 mg.

Sleep combines these ingredients into a proprietary blend of 160 mg. Because the blend doesn’t show individual amounts, I can’t be sure if proven dosages are used. As a result, I can’t use dosage information to decide how effective Sleep is.

Safety and Side Effects

All Sleep’s ingredients are considered safe, except 5-HTP. It’s linked to causing eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS). This is a serious condition where muscle tenderness and blood abnormalities occur. However, there isn’t enough evidence to show 5-HTP really does cause EMS.

Dosages help me determine a product’s safety. If a product’s dosages are too large, it may be unsafe. Top Secret Nutrition chooses to hide dosages, so I can’t see if safe dosages are used.

What Do People Say About Sleep?

When dosages aren’t available, customer reviews answer my questions about safety and effectiveness. Luckily, I found 26 reviews on

Sleep received 9.1/10, which is an excellent rating. Only three reviewers gave it ratings lower than 8/10. Here’s what people had to say:

• “I was amazed how fast acting the tablets were.” – Taurus909 (10/10)
• “I wake up feeling really fresh, not like I have a hangover which some sleep aids tend to make you feel.” – Sharon Robinson (9/10)
• “I will take a tablet 30 mins prior to bedtime and sleep like a baby!!!” – Strongman2002 (10/10)
• “The shortcomings of TSN Sleep were grogginess, mild headache, and more than normal facial puffiness.” – Jxflyer (5/10)

That last review is the only one to mention side effects.

How to Use Sleep

Sleep comes as a “Quick Melt Tablet”. Before bedtime, take 1 tablet and let it dissolve in your mouth. According to customer reviews, Sleep works within 30-45 minutes.

I didn’t find any complaints about Sleep’s taste or texture.

The Cost

Sleep costs $27.99 on This price is already affordable, but you can buy it for less on these sites on other sites and the best deal I found was $15.99 a bottle on here:

I’m not sure if Sleep is sold in stores, I haven’t seen it in any yet.

Most online retailers don’t have return policies or money back guarantees. So you might not be able to get a refund for Sleep.


Sleep contains 3 proven and 1 patented sleep-aid ingredients. Although 5-HTP might be unsafe, many companies continue using it in natural sleep aids. As I mentioned earlier, research hasn’t yet proven 5-HTP is unsafe.

I would prefer to see what dosages are used. But at least customer reviews answer some of my concerns. From there, I can see at least 23 people think Sleep is safe and effective.

Sleep has effective ingredients and it’s affordable. I recommend you give it a try.