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Carol Madsen

By: Carol Madsen

In Japanese, zazen means “seated mediation” — a practice that calms the body and mind. Zazen, the sleep aid, promises similar benefits. The product is natural, non-prescription, and non-habit forming. It should help you sleep better and feel refreshed in the morning.

Before you buy Zazen, let’s see if it’s worth your time and money.

What Is Zazen?

There are actually 3 Zazen products:

• Zazen Sleep
• Zazen Pain
• Zazen Menstrual

The Zazen Sleep formula is an herbal drink containing 2,325 mg ingredients. Each bottle is 2 fluid ounces. These are the key ingredients:

Jujube extract contains alkaloids that have antioxidant properties and reduce anxiety. The extract also contains a natural chemical which has sedative effects. Research shows it increases REM sleep and total sleep in rats.[1] But there are no studies involving people.

Reishi mushroom extract relieves stress and supports the immune system. It’s commonly used to treat insomnia, but human research is lacking. In one study, reishi helped rats fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.[2]

L-theanine relaxes the brain and calms the mind. It also moderates or reverses caffeine’s effects. In one study, boys with ADHD who took theanine slept better each night.[3] In another study, people who took L-theanine felt as if they’d slept longer than they actually did. L-theanine improves sleep quality, exhaustion recovery, and refreshed feelings.[4]

GABA regulates and suppresses neuron excitability. When GABA receptors are activated, the brain becomes calmer and sleep quality improves. GABA is also linked to anxiety relief.[5]

Hops extract delivers sedative effects. Traditionally, it was used to treat anxiety and insomnia. Since 1950, twelve studies found hops improves sleep and treats insomnia with valerian’s assistance. Together, these extracts help people fall asleep faster and get better quality sleep.[6]

Passion flower extract may increase GABA levels. As you know, GABA decreases brain activity, promotes relaxation, and improves sleep quality. One study showed passion flower helps people sleep better, but more evidence is needed.[7]

Valerian extract reduces the time it takes to fall asleep. It also decreases wakefulness and improves sleep quality. Studies show valerian is more effective when combined with hops, chamomile, or lemon balm.[8]

Ashwagandha helps the body deal with stress. It may treat insomnia which is caused by anxiety or stress. There is some evidence to show ashwagandha helps people sleep better.[9] But most research involves rats and those studies are limited.

Gingko biloba may relieve stress and anxiety. Some experts say there’s no clinical evidence. However, there is clinical evidence to show ginkgo biloba improves sleep quality. During a study, participants’ sleep patterns and sleep quality improved. They woke up less during the night, too.[10]

How to Take Zazen

Each Zazen bottle is 1 serving. Drink the bottle 45 minutes before bedtime. Do not drink more than 1 bottle a day.

Zazen doesn’t need to be refrigerated. However, opened bottles should be thrown away 72 hours after opening.

The drink flavor is mixed berry.

Is Zazen Safe to Use?

Most Zazen ingredients are safe. But says there’s not enough information to know if jujube extract is safe or unsafe. Even though they are safe, the Zazen ingredients may cause:

• Headaches
• Dizziness
• Nausea
• Constipation

The company doesn’t show what dosages they use. So, I don’t know if Zazen contains safe, effective amounts.

Zazen User Reviews

I could only find 3 reviews on Here are quotes from the reviews:

• “It does work, it works great…So basically I find it to work like a high powered super charged melatonin supplement.” Evan (5/5 stars)
• “I’m not sure this product works; at least not for me. It may have made me a little drowsy, but it did not make me sleep good all night.” Debsc0904 (2/5 stars)
• “This crap is a sham does not work at least for me it didn’t.” Scott (1/5 stars)

Three reviews aren’t enough. I would love to know what dozens of Zazen users say. Does Zazen work for most users? Does it cause side effects? I didn’t get definitive answers by researching the formula. And I won’t get answers from users unless more reviews show up.

Where Can You Buy Zazen?

The official website and sell Zazen. There are no other online retailers. Zazen is also sold in Walmart stores. Visit and click the “Locations” link to find a nearby Walmart that carries Zazen.
• 3 bottles – $9.99
• 8 bottles – $24.99
• 24 bottles – $59.76
• 3 bottles – $9.99
• 24 bottles – $39.99

The official website doesn’t mention a money back guarantee or return policy.

Is Zazen a Good Buy?

Zazen contains several ingredients which are proven in human, clinical studies. They should improve sleep quality, reduce wakefulness, and decrease sleep latency. Unfortunately, these ingredients are not effective unless proven dosages are used. Since the Zazen company hides dosages, consumers are left in the dark.

3 user reviews aren’t enough to tell me if Zazen is safe and effective. It could be, but I have my doubts.


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